Winter Tree Mixed Media Art

The perfect project for a rainy afternoon or a free Saturday morning. We will create our own painted papers and collage them onto the front and sides of a cradled wood panel. Using the provided images or images of your own, I’ll walk you through the steps of making this start-to-finish art piece. When you’ve finished this piece, you’ll be inspired to create many more.

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A little glimpse into some of the lessons...

Supplies Suggested:

6x6x2” cradled wood panel (or similar size)

Soft rubber brayer

Silicone squeegee wedge (I use Catalyst brand)

Acrylic paints

1” flat paintbrush


Fine sandpaper

Deli paper or printer paper

Vintage papers

Fluid metallic paint

Matte medium, gel medium, PVA or decoupage medium

Palette knife


Paper towels

Masking tape

Spray water bottle

Gold leaf (optional)

Bamboo skewer or knitting needle

Varnish (I use liquid satin varnish)